Upgrading Obfuscation Project Settings to Take the Benefits of WPF XAML Renaming

Article ID: KB100020


WPF XAML renaming feature was introduced in Eazfuscator.NET 3.5. Projects obfuscated by the earlier versions of Eazfuscator.NET should be upgraded to take a better renaming coverage of XAML symbols.

Possible Side Effects

Please note that allowing Eazfuscator.NET to rename XAML symbols may be a breaking change for your project. If latter is the case then an additional project tuning may be required by employing declarative obfuscation attributes.


Please follow the instructions below to upgrade your project:

  1. Locate the project of interest in Solution Explorer window of Visual Studio. Ensure the project is selected.
  2. Invoke the context menu of a project by clicking Right mouse button.
  3. Find Properties menu item and click on it.
  4. Project properties window will appear.
  5. Find Build Events tab in a window and select it.
  6. Locate the compatibility version number in a post-build event command line as shown at the picture below:
    Post-build event command line
  7. Change the compatibility version number to 3.5 or higher.

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