About Us

Gapotchenko is an international company founded in 2012 as a commercial entity behind the Eazfuscator.NET product.

Eazfuscator.NET is the obfuscator for .NET platform and it turned out to be the start of a great journey.

During the business days, we are working hard to bring an analogue warmth and human touch to the digital software.



Kharkiv is the hometown of the company. Being a city of science and technology, it played the role of a melting pot for the founders, giving them a chance to meet at the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics while studying computer science and applied mathematics. Consequently, this bond gave them an initial impulse to start a software company specializing in compilers and security.


The vibrant city of 2 million is full of universities guaranteeing a constant influx of talent. An excellent place to have an office at. And this is exactly what happened — the very first company's office was opened in Kharkiv and continues to work to this day.

(Due to the recent turbulence around Ukraine, employees of our beloved Kharkiv office temporarily moved to another place to guarantee the safety and absence of work perturbations)


The French company's office is located in the region of Gers, Occitania which lies between two technological centers represented by the cities of Bordeaux and Toulouse. The town of Cazaubon has a strong medieval vibe and is an excellent place for productive work.


The close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and coniferous forests guarantees an abundance of lovely places for an occasional weekend getaway.

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