Version 3.0 released on February 1, 2022

  • Added ability to edit Azure container and blob metadata

Version 2.9 released on March 12, 2021

  • TLS 1.2+ support
  • Back and forward navigation in the file view
  • Added ability to configure the number of items to show in recently used connections list
  • Improved visual effect when activating tab in the background
  • Improved compatibility with various FTP servers
  • Changed system requirements: Windows 7 SP1+, .NET Framework 4.7.2+
  • Fixed issue that could lead to a crash when activating connection in the background

Version 2.8 released on September 10, 2018

  • Added ability to search files in a file view
  • Now you can choose to wrap queue message text during message creation or viewing
  • Fixed issue that could lead to Cloud Combine crash during file properties editing
  • Fixed issues with tooltips in a queue view

Version 2.7 released on May 2, 2018

  • Azure File Storage support
  • Significantly faster bulk copy and move operations for files
  • Added ability to navigate to a different location within a path bar while the current content is being loaded
  • Now you can drag files to any location in a breadcrumbs trail
  • Last modification time is now preserved when copying/moving a file to a local file system
  • Fixed issues:
    • Fixed issue when copying files to Google storage
    • Fixed issue when Retry option for a failed file operation didn't work correctly in some cases
    • Fixed issue when file properties failed to load in some scenarios
    • Fixed issue that could lead to Cloud Combine crash on a close
    • Fixed issue with possible Cloud Combine crash when file selection was started in a file view
    • Fixed issue with 409 (Conflict) error that occurred during deletion of an Azure blob that contained snapshots
    • Fixed issue with invalid progress indication when a user chose Skip All during file copy or file move operation
    • Fixed issue with an improper update of a local file system view

Version 2.6 released on June 23, 2016

  • Added support for specialized Azure Blob Storage accounts which have blobs but no tables or queues
  • Added ability to select multiple items with a mouse in file, queue and table views
  • Now you can use Ctrl modifier key or middle mouse button to open connections in new background tabs
  • Every tab now has an icon that allows to quickly navigate trough the open connections
  • Improved file operations performance
  • Numerous user interface improvements
  • Hotfixed issue that could lead to Cloud Combine crash on startup when .NET Framework 4.6.2 is installed
  • Other changes:
    • Fixed issues related to versioned blobs on Amazon S3
    • Fixed bug with workspace synchronization when installed Dropbox might not be detected on some machines
    • Fixed bug with file overwrite dialog that might appear when files from Cloud Combine were copied to a virtual machine running Windows
    • Fixed issue with Row Key modification for an item of Azure table

Version 2.5 released on September 9, 2015

  • Added ability to store the password for the encrypted workspace
  • Added Timestamp property to the Property View for table entity
  • User interface improvements
  • Fixed issue with detection of the new versions of Dropbox
  • Fixed issue with detection of OneDrive on Windows 10
  • Fixed input focus ownership issues in Azure Queue and Table views

Version 2.4 released on April 27, 2015

  • Workspace synchronization between machines via Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive or shared folder
  • Workspace encryption with a password
  • Streamlined file operation window: it now has just one bar that shows the whole progress
  • Partition and row keys can now be changed for Azure Table entities
  • Multi-selection in Azure Queue and Table views
  • Improved FTP reliability
  • User interface improvements
  • Fixed bugs

Version 2.3 released on October 15, 2014

  • Added Recent Connections
  • Smoother editing of properties
  • Improved file operation progress dialog
  • Support for duplicating file or directory using Shift + F5 shortcut
  • Cloud Combine now flashes in taskbar when error occurs during file operation and its window was inactive
  • Files copied from another panel get selected now
  • User interface improvements
  • Fixed issues:
    • Fixed issue with active item not being tracked in Cloud Explorer under some circumstances
    • Fixed issue with file operation error message box unexpectedly getting on top of desktop
    • Fixed issue when selection of a file with name containing special character (such as '%') caused application to crash
    • Fixed issue when attempt to create directory with name containing '#' character led to name corruption

Version 2.2 released on July 8, 2014

  • Azure tables support
  • Azure queues support
  • Active item tracking in Cloud Explorer
  • User interface improvements
  • Fixed issues

Version 2.1 released on May 26, 2014

  • Thumbnail view for files
  • Added ability to control the value of Cache-Control HTTP header for blobs/objects
  • Improved mime type detection
  • User interface improvements
  • Fixed issues:
    • Fixed issue with pinned taskbar item that was removed on install major upgrade
    • Fixed possible UI freeze on DPI other than 96
    • Fixed issue with focus that could be lost after Loading... text appearance in a file view
    • Fixed issue with FTP file properties that led to the absence of file size and modification time in Property view

Version 2.0 released on April 17, 2014

  • FTP support
  • CORS for Azure, Amazon and Google
  • User interface improvements
  • Added ability to rename connections by pressing F2
  • Cloud Combine software updates are no longer forced and can be applied on demand
  • Fixed issues:
    • Fixed issue with duplicate Modified column in Amazon file version window
    • Fixed issue with multiple selection in a file view
    • Fixed issue with main menu positioning on touch screen enabled machines
    • Fixed crash on Amazon 'Show Deleted Files' button double-click
    • Fixed issue with file copy and paste in RDP session

Version 1.9 released on March 14, 2014

  • Added Recent Locations for file operations
  • Added support for drag, drop and clipboard operations from special locations such as ZIP archives, Remote Desktop, portable devices etc
  • Added ability to group connections into folders in Cloud Explorer
  • Added ability to set default access level for new containers in Azure blob storage
  • Significant performance improvement of drag, drop and clipboard operations when dealing with large set of files
  • Improved speed when copying a set of small files to Google storage
  • Various user interface improvements
  • Fixed issues:
    • Fixed issue with file overwrite confirmation dialog showing time in UTC format
    • Fixed a bug with clipboard data set by a different source being cleared after pressing Esc in file view
    • Fixed a bug with Cloud Combine crashing sometimes when attempting to create container with invalid name
    • Fixed a bug with hidden directories and files not being copied when they are not shown
    • Fixed a bug with unintentional sorting when trying to drag file view column
    • Fixed several issues in progress indication for file operations
    • Fixed a bug with 'Skip All' action from file error dialog preventing all further operations
    • Fixed a bug with invalid size format when file view was showing initially
    • Fixed a bug with breadcrumbs popup skewing on long folder names
    • Fixed issues with selection in file view
    • Fixed issues with keyboard focus
    • Fixed font rendering in main and context menu bars
    • Fixed issue with removable drives detection in file view

Version 1.8 released on November 22, 2013

  • Improved Properties window
  • Added Date modified column to the file view
  • User-friendly formatting of file sizes
  • Accelerated file deletion on the local file system
  • Directories are moved to Recycle Bin as a whole now, greatly improving performance on large file sets
  • User interface improvements
  • Fixed issues:
    • Fixed issue with resetting current item in Properties window
    • File view title now changes properly after corresponding connection display name change
    • Fixed issue with selected file item that led to the lost keyboard focus after clicking on the file view empty area
    • Fixed issue with absent context menu when ".." item or empty area in file view was clicked

Version 1.7 released on October 14, 2013

  • Added Google Cloud Storage support
  • Optimized data requests for file listing
  • User interface improvements
  • Fixed issues:
    • Fixed issue with renaming of an Azure container that caused a reset of its access level
    • Fixed issue with unexpected start of an drag and drop operation in Cloud Explorer
    • Context menu is not showing anymore when file view header is right-clicked by mouse
    • File view is not refreshed anymore when bucket/container creation is canceled
    • File view is not refreshed anymore when delete operation is canceled from the confirmation dialog
    • Fixed issue with file view selection being reset to a single item when trying to start drag and drop operation
    • Fixed issue with selection being set to a wrong folder when navigating to the upper level in a file view

Version 1.6 released on July 5, 2013

  • Breadcrumb trails in path bar
  • Improved MIME type detection
  • Middle mouse button click now closes the tab
  • Fixed issues:
    • File view is not refreshed anymore when renaming operation is canceled
    • File view is not refreshed anymore when directory creation is canceled
    • Fixed sporadic file opening when doing two fast mouse clicks while moving selection from one file to another
    • Fixed possible UI freeze on some Amazon S3 operations
    • Fixed drag and drop cancellation by ESC key press in Cloud Explorer
    • File selection is now preserved after "Restore" operation in Amazon S3
    • Focus is now left intact when "Properties" window is shown at the first time by pressing F4

Version 1.5 released on June 20, 2013

  • Windows Azure CDN endpoints support
  • Improved visual layout of "Create Bucket" window for Amazon S3
  • Fixed issues:
    • Fixed issue in Yes/No message dialogs when the default focus sometimes was set to a wrong button
    • Fixed issues with "Show in Explorer" functionality. Now it perfectly works under all possible circumstances
    • Fixed application crash when "Testing Connection..." window is quickly closed by "X" button
    • Fixed MIME type detection
    • Fixed escape symbols in public link generated for Amazon S3 object
    • Fixed public link generation for Amazon S3 versioned object when it is stored in a publicly visible bucket
    • Fixed UI lock up when "Get Public Link..." command is invoked for Amazon S3 versioned object

Version 1.4 released on May 1, 2013

  • Amazon S3 Versioning support
  • Storage operations with many small files are now performed in parallel to increase speed
  • Fixed bugs in user interface

Version 1.3 released on April 10, 2013

  • Added Amazon S3 support
  • File transfer speed was increased in some scenarios
  • On-cloud operations are performed in parallel to increase the speed
  • File content type detection enhanced to support more file types
  • Fixed bugs in user interface

Version 1.2 released on March 8, 2013

  • Cloud Combine now automatically sets file content type on upload (for files such as PDF or images)
  • Support for file selection with Insert key
  • Support for file panel delete with F8 and Shift+F8 keys
  • Now application waits till all the background operations are finished on close
  • In file panels, tool tips are now shown for truncated file names
  • Fixed issues:
    • File panel selection bug fixes
    • Fixed the issue when in some cases Enter key in the New Cloud Connection dialog was not closing the dialog
    • File transfer was not canceled properly on dialog close button
    • Fixed incorrect state of clipboard commands
    • Fixed user interface lock with several simultaneous file transfers, when one of them displays file overwrite dialog
    • Fixed the issue when in some cases local file panel was not properly reacting to external file system changes
    • Very long paths were not truncated properly

Version 1.1 released on March 1, 2013

  • First public release